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Hi there! Sorry to bother you in this way but itch has no chat feature.

We've been together in a jam a couple times! I'm Liam and I was in Metroidvania 15 as well where Kyle, Cristina and I had made Wild. And now I saw you again in MechJam III where we had made L4UR4.

I thought it might be useful to stay in contact to exchange developer experience, maybe playtest each other's game and grow as a gamedev. Having connections is usually a great way to improve (which is why I'm doing this).

If you are at all interested, my Discord handle is Liam#3302!

Hi ! No worries you're not bothering :) (yeah itch not having a chat feature is kinda frustrating, especially for people like me who are not much into social media and such + a bit of social anxiety into the mix ^^')

Yep i remember Wild from Metroid jam month, i just didn't realise right away when trying L4UR4 that this was the same team untill i noticed the names were familiar (i'm just slow like that sometimes :p plus i do have a hard time keeping up with all the games fellow pas jammers realease sometimes outside of crossing paths on same jams from time to time XD)

I currently don't have a discord account, and i don't know much about the platform and how to use it appart that it is now sort of a standard for communities, but i'd definitively be interested to keep in contact with other fellow devs from itch :) cause i try to give a bit of feedback outside of jams commenting on game pages when i get the time and don't get overwhelmed by how many games people released since i last went on itch O_o 

i'll see if i manage to find the courrage to do so ^^'

Thanks for the invite still, i apreciate it :)


Sick Foxen reference.

Well sadly i'm lacking that reference so it was unintentional, sorry to disappoint :(


Very fun game. Great job! 

Thanks a lot for the video feature :D 

glad you seemed to have a great time from what you shoed in your playthrough despite all of the game's shortcomings XD


real fun game but the fights were really easy and i could usually hit enemies through the blocks so like work on enemy ai and hit boxes 

Thanks for trying my game out !

Hopefully i'll eventually get there as i still need to learn how i could fix some of these issues like the hit through walls :)


Castlevania style game. Nice action.

Thanks for the video feature :D and yep it's indeed Castlevania inspired

Your commentary is pretty funny also :p


quite well made, good job

Thanks ! Happy that you liked it :)