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Great job on all the improvements over the jam version! I like all of the added polish: the duck action, the new soundtrack, the improved UI, the additional level design elements. This is really coming together, very well done!

My unsolicited suggestion is to maybe work on some particle animation or dissolve shader for when a unit is destroyed and maybe screen transitions between levels.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks glad you liked the post jam version :)

While i still plant to keep a somewhat small scope for this one, i'll definitively add some more content along the way every time it's ready for update. Also no worries about your suggestions, they are welcome ^^ not sure about particles but i had planned to have proper "death" animations for enemies, just didn't make any for the jam, and didn't do any in updates yet cause i wanted to experiment and push other features first, same for transitions.

I'm working on and off on my projects so updates may roll out slow, but i'm keeping at it whenever i can, and feedback certainly helps with motivation :D 

Thanks again for stopping by, cheers :)

Oh, a new game, cool! :D
I really like the graphics, and the inclusion of different weapons. Reminds me of Contra from Nintendo. Which is a big plus! :D
The only thing I don't like, is the jumping, it doesn't feel very responsive. I recommend to check out this video:


Hey ! Thanks for stopping by dude :) Yeah i went with a bit of contra inspired weapons here and there, and tried to have as much variety as i could, with managing to figure out how to make each weapon along the way.

About the jump, i noted it, i couldn't figure out how to work in variable jumpheight when making this for the jam, so i stuck with what i already knew on the basic controls, thanks for the tutorial, i'll check it out see how its done here, although at the moment of this reply i'm working on postjam content with fixes, the jump being one of them so i'll see how this goes XD

Nice, I'm ready for a long journey again watching your game shaping up! :D
I forgot to ask: how did you made that "bullet" that's zig-zagging up and down? Did you used an AnimationPlayer for that?


Haha well i don't know how long this journey will be but still i got quite a lot to work on, so you'll have to wait and see i guess XD

And about the zig zagging projectile, i didn't use the animation player, although it could probably be acheived using it, but here i just have a timer that alters the "bullet" path on the fly, probably not the best way but it's something i tried out at random to see if it worked as i expected it to, and luckily it did :D

Oh, I see. Well, if it works, then doesn't really matter how it was made, It looks cool, nonetheless! :D

Shooting? Which key?

Welp that is one big fail for me :p I just realized thanks to the comments i forgot to remap the keyboard controls, I playtested mainly with a controller.... sorry my bad all the way -_-'

You shoot with Tab, jump with Spacebar. If you have a controller on hand you jump with A and shoot with X