This is my entry to the Godot Wild Jam 34  :  Space

Wildcard used : No place like Home

All assets and code done solo during the jam

Programs used :

Godot 3.2.2, Blender 2.92, Gimp2.10, LMMS, Sfxr

Mission Briefing :

Contact lost with installation 883, classified research facility :

  1. acquire prototype hardware
  2. eliminate any hostile, rescue survivors if any
  3. return to ship and evacuate

Gameplay and Controls :

Gameplay :

Navigate the level in search of powerups to help you clear the space station of alien hives, destroy them all then return to your ships, Hives require higher firepower than your starting weapon to be destroyed

Controls :

Keyboard :

Arrowkeys, move left and right, aim at angle up or down

Spacebar, jump

Tab, shoot

Controller (recommended) :

Dpad, move left and right, aim at angle up or down

Xbox A / Psx Cross, jump

Xbox X / Psx Square, shoot

The game may be a bit basic and rough, cause i spend quite some time troubleshooting, but i did what i could and managed to sub in time XD

Hope that you'll enjoy the game, cheers :)

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